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Our approach is to immediately settle and collect your problem receivables.  We will fully analyze your claim when first received, promptly acknowledge your placement, and immediately begin to produce the desired results.  Debtors are confronted personally and promptly.  We handle all debtors firmly but with respect.  We realize that today's debtor often remains tomorrow's customer.  Status reports are provided every 30 days or as developments warrant.
All proceeds of non-certified collections are remitted no later than 21 days after collection.  In the case of certified funds, remittance is made immediately.  We never forget that this is your money, not ours.  That's important since we work for you.
RCR's associate attornerys can be utilized if a case cannot be settled on an amicable basis.  These attorneys have been carefully selected for their prompt, professional service.  Both our office and our associates' offices possess individuals who are experts at recognizing potential issues and defenses and are adept at settling your outstanding receivables; however, we will not compromise or litigate any claim without you express knowledge and consent.  Every effort will be made to keep court costs and suit fees at a minimum.
We are fully bonded and will provide a copy of same at your request.  In addition, we maintain a serparate escrow account for the benefit and protection of our clients.
We think you deserve the best.  After you have experienced the service and success afforded you by RCR, you will agree that we offer and deliver the entire package necessary to handle all of your commercial collection needs.
References are available upon request.

Fee Stucture 
Recovery from an ongoing business.................................20%
International accounts, recovery from a company out of business, personal guarantor; or third party.......................25%
Collections of cases under $1,000....................................40%
Utilization of associate counsel (depending upon case size, location of the debtor and difficulty)....30-35%
Prior handled cases by other agencies or attornerys...........50%
Return of Merchandise
Our goal is to recover your money, not your merchandise, unless instructed otherwise.  In the event merchandise is recovered, our standard rates will apply; however, our fee is based on the current value of the product involved.
Withdrawal Fees
A fee will be charged only prior approval and as agreed upon.
♣We realize that situations will arise that are not covered in the above fee structure.  We will be fair and that is all we ask in return.  If you feel our service is unsatisfactory for any reason, please feel free to discuss it with us and we will make it right.  Our goal is your completed satisfaction.